Winter predictions start as El Niño


A growing El Niño might make the next months unsatisfactory for those who are already putting on their boots and sweaters and anticipating for a snowy.

The newest estimates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration indicate that there is a larger likelihood of warmer-than-normal temperatures .

This is particularly true for portions of western Washington and Oregon, as well as Maine.

Berkeley Earth, an independent nonprofit organization that specializes in climate studies, said that "El Niño is here and growing stronger."

When trade winds across the tropical Pacific Ocean diminish and force warmer water eastward into South America, a naturally occurring climatic pattern is created.

Two stages of a multiyear cycle that occurs in the Pacific Ocean close to and around the equator are called El Niño and La Niña.

The jet stream, which governs much of the country's weather, is influenced by temperature variations, causing wetter weather in the south.

Both have the potential to significantly affect the weather both domestically and globally.