Ukrainian 4 Months Old Are Being Forcibly Taken To Russia Officials Are Unaware Of Their Situation

Thousands of Ukrainian kids, including infants, have been forcibly taken to Russia. Reports say some children are forced into "re-education" camps; others' whereabouts are unknown.

Thousands of Ukrainian children are missing, having been taken by Russian troops since the invasion began last year — and there are conflicting reports about what has happened to them.

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine's report found little clarity on the number and whereabouts of the children removed from their nation.

Lack of transparency regarding the number and circumstances of moved children "may hamper an expeditious return process," says the UN study.

Russian authorities claim they are "saving" Ukrainian children by taking them from their families, while international watchdogs have considered the forceful abduction of newborns as young as four months old a war crime.


The Yale School of Public Health estimates that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children have been displaced or deported since the war began.

The 10-month fight for the eastern city was Ukraine's longest and bloodiest combat. Bakhmut was formerly lush. Now it's a gloomy metropolis with skeleton structures and brown soil.

Yale found 43 Russian institutions that provide "re-education," military training, and pro-Russia academic teaching to Ukrainian youngsters forcefully kidnapped from their family.

In recent months, UN ambassadors from Japan, China, the UAE, and Albania have shared Biden's indignation.

The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin in March "for the war crime of unlawful deportation of population (children)

Forced child transfer is genocide under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. International law prohibits child transfer, but enforcement is limited.