Try these 3 seasonal fruits to reduce bloating and lose weight.


Apples are the traditional fall fruit that are in season in the fall. These juicy, crisp fruits have several health advantages in addition to being tasty.

Apples are high in fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements, helps with digestion, and lessens bloating. Moreover, they are a great option for people trying to lose weight due to their high water content and low calorie content.


Pomegranates are a delicious fall fruit that are bursting with nutrients and flavor, especially with their jewel-like arils. The fall season is when this seasonal treasure shines the brightest.

Antioxidants included in pomegranates can help lower inflammation and water retention, which helps lessen bloating. These colorful fruits also pack a calorie-dense punch.


Often seen as a tropical treat, kiwis are in season throughout the fall and make a delicious accent to any fall meal. These fuzzy, little fruits are nutrient powerhouses.

Because kiwis are high in fibre, they can help promote smooth, efficient digestion, which helps reduce bloating. They are a wise choice for anyone trying to control their weight because they are also rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories.

Research has shown that the fiber in kiwis can absorb more water than certain other forms of fiber, which improves stool consistency, regularity, and weight control

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