The worst-behaved dog breed in the world

Soft coated Wheaten terrier

Soft-coated Wheaten terriers, formerly Irish hunting dogs, are described as "an iron fist in a velvet glove" due to their powerful build and soft coat.

Bedlington terrier

Bedlington terriers, named for a Northern England town, are sheep-like in appearance and attitude. Their thick white coat and body shape allow them to gallop quickly.

Smooth fox terrier

The contrast between their multicolored head coats and white bodies makes fox terriers easy to spot. This breed has a V-shaped head, unlike its wire fox terrier cousins.

Curly coated retriever

The English curly-coated retriever was bred to retrieve ducks. This breed's owners must make training interesting to maintain the dog's attention.

Irish wolfhound

At 30 inches, the Irish wolfhound is the tallest breed approved by the American Kennel Club, but they are gentle giants. One of the most loyal dog breeds is the Irish wolfhound.


Hungary's stunning Kuvasz breed resembles American Labrador and golden retrievers, but has a snow-white coat. In the mid-15th century, King Matthias I of Hungary trusted his "Kuvs" more than his palace guards, demonstrating their loyalty.

Australian shepherd

The high-energy Australian shepherd has a mysterious origin story before arriving in the U.S. Training this possessive and protective breed demands care and effort.

Finnish spitz

Finnies, or Finnish spitzs, are the loudest, most talkative dogs in the world. While this may bother casual dog lovers, fans take pleasure in their loudness. Finnish dog owners gather to choose the "King Barker," the finest yodeler.

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