The Hot Fall Beverage Dietitians Recommend For Faster Weight Loss

Chai Tea

chai tea is a tasty mix of black tea with spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves. Chai tea may help you lose weight in addition to its delicious taste and calming scent.

Ginger and cinnamon in chai may decrease sugar cravings by regulating blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity.

"Chai tea is my top fall weight-loss beverage! Caffeine boosts metabolism, and fall spices make it a great fall drink! Byrd noticed that it's low in calories and briefly reduces appetite, blood sugar, and digestion.

Chia in a balanced diet and active lifestyle may help control weight and well-being better than sugary autumn drinks.

Chai Tea Recipe

Making chai tea is easy, flavorful, and sensory-pleasing. Byrd offered her quick and easy 'dirty chai' recipe, which requires espresso, chai concentrate (available in tea and coffee aisles), milk, vanilla syrup, and spice.

Step 1: Microwave Chai Concentrate in a large coffee cup for 30 seconds. Mix in brewed espresso and put aside.

Second, heat and foam milk. Pour milk and vanilla syrup into a microwave-safe glass jar or measuring cup. After stirring, heat in microwave to 200℉/93℃, steaming but not boiling. Mix warm milk with a frother.

Assemble. Pour the milk over the chai/espresso mixture in your mug, then top with chai spices. Drink up!

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