Olivia Dunne Sparkles in Signature Purple LSU Leotard

Soon, Olivia Dunne will begin her last season competing for the LSU Tigers. The NCAA standout began her senior year last week with expert team portraits, and luckily for her 4.4 million Instagram followers, she recently posted some gorgeous pictures.

The 20-year-old was wearing the most recent iteration of her iconic purple and silver long sleeve leotard that was covered with sparkling beads. On media day, she posed on a black floor in front of a dark backdrop.

Dunne sat on the ground in a splits position with her back to the camera, legs bent in either direction, and toes pointing. She raised one arm in the air while keeping the other for support and flexed one hand. 

Dunne smiled softly as she turned to face the camera. She chose to go for a natural glowy glam look by tying her long blonde hair in a loose ponytail with a few face-framing strands left loose.

Fellow LSU athlete and SI Swimsuit model Angel Reese said, "let's geauxxxx."

Influencer Olivia Ponton commented, "lsu princess," on the platform TikTok. Elena Arenas, a teammate, roommate, and best friend, said, "this is a big united serve."

Hannah White said, "Wed me." "Giving happy," Konnor McClain said. Everyone is "eating them up."

She is a baddie. She knows she's ten," read one fan's paraphrase of the song "In Ha Mood" by Ice Spice. "Congrats! Being through with college will feel good!  Another person yelled, "You got it, girl!"

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