Holy Grails of Northern Lights


This past week, a strong solar storm clashed with Earth's magnetic field, resulting in a stunning celestial show of red auroras.

This breathtaking light display wowed skywatchers from Europe to North America, especially those who were lucky enough to have clear skies.

 France and Kansas, some witnesses referred to the show as the "Holy Grail of Northern Lights."

"Solar winds, which are charged particles that are expelled from the Sun, are what cause solar storms.

As a result of these winds' interactions with the magnetosphere, high-latitude areas close to the magnetic poles are targeted by the planet's magnetic field.

These charged particles get energized when they collide with atoms and molecules, such as oxygen and nitrogen, in the Earth's atmosphere.

The captivating phenomena known as auroras are produced as a consequence, resulting in stunning light displays.

Different colors are emitted depending on the gases and altitude. Higher altitudes of oxygen generate red light, whereas lower altitudes produce green light.