El Nino Threat Has Ended


On Monday, October 2, the Kenya Meteorological Department refuted rumors that the El Nino danger had passed.

On Monday, reports arose indicating that Kenya was likely to see rainfall "above average" and that the predicted phenomena had ceased to occur.

In a later announcement, the weatherman said that El Nino is anticipated to occur as previously forecast.

The agency said in the statement that during the next rainy season, above-average rainfall is anticipated in several areas of Kenya.

"Please be aware that the El Niño phenomenon is still present," the authority responsible for weather forecasting said.

Because of this, it is anticipated that October and the whole season will likely have above-average rainfall, which is still connected to the continuing El Niño.

He continued by saying that thunderstorms and storms would occur in certain regions, particularly in those that have already had thunderstorms.

The Director did point out that the projection did not specify if this year's anticipated rainfall will surpass that of the record El Nino in 1999.