9 Best Strength Exercises for Better Bone Health


Squats are an excellent workout for strengthening the lower body. They also strengthen your hips and spine, which is great for bone density.


Lunges work your glutes and legs while promoting balance, which is important for strong bones.


Although they may seem difficult, deadlifts are among the best workouts for building general strength and strong bones.

Overhead Presses

Pressing down on your shoulders, arms, and upper back strengthens and stabilizes your spine, which is an essential combination for healthy bones.


This traditional chest workout works your shoulders, forearms, and wrists in addition to your pecs. Additionally, carrying weight helps your upper body's bone density greatly.


Consider Plyometrics as Cardio for Stronger Bones. Jumping workouts, like as burpees and box jumps, provide your bones a good amount of stress, which helps them adapt and get stronger.

Hip Thrusts

Your whole range of motion and balance are greatly influenced by your hips. Hip thrusts strengthen the bones in your lower back and surrounding your hips, as well as your glutes.

Handstand Pushups

Under the knowledgeable supervision of a personal trainer, attempt handstand pushups if you're up for the task. This is an advanced workout that strengthens your upper body bones and works your arms, shoulders, and core.

Farmer's Walks

Farmer's walks work your whole body, but they particularly work your grip strength, which can assist maintain the optimal bone health of your hands and wrists.

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