6 Top-Recommended Exercises for a Lean Body After 40


squats "the undisputed 'king' of all exercises." Squatting can help you fix knee, ankle, hip, and spine disorders. "If you could only do one exercise to stay healthy, this is it," Joseph says. "I recommend three sets of 10, as deep as their bodies allow, without pain. Your range of motion will improve with practice."

Core Strengthening and Stabilizing Exercises

Lay flat on your back with hips and legs bent to set up. Flatten your feet. "Then, contract the muscle below your belly button (aka your core)

"While holding it tight, breathe five times through your nose." Complete three 10-rep sets. You may add weights or elevate your knees to advance.


The pushup another "all-purpose exercise," which trains your entire body to get thin. You may adjust pushups using wall or floor knee pushups. Keep your core engaged throughout the workout.


To do pull-ups, stand underneath the bar and hold it with an overhand grip. Spread your hands shoulder-width. Pull your torso toward the bar with bent elbows until your chin clears it. Return to the start by lowering your body slowly. Do three 10-rep sets.

Heel or Calf Raises

"This exercise is most effective if done at the edge of a step with only your toes on the step and heels hanging off," Joseph says. As low as possible, drop your heels and raise up on your tiptoes."

Slowing down this workout works your calves more. Joseph advises three sets of 15–30 repetitions or working until your calf muscles are exhausted.

Cardio or Plyometrics

Basic cardio is followed by plyometrics, which entail fast movements, agility, sharp twists, jumping, etc. Although advanced, burpees are great plyometrics."

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