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A bright, casual and fun gathering place.



Simple, fresh, fast. Just good food, made from scratch every day. We’ve built a team whose passion for these 3 components is only outweighed for their love of community. As the hub of Hartness Village we are thrilled to become your go-to coffee spot, lunch time meet up, and your haven to unwind with a drink after a tough day. We can’t wait to welcome you to our table.

Southern Influenced


We’re all in this together. From communal tables and shareable plates, to the ease of take out to enjoy at home, Village Kitchen is a fresh take on Southern Influence, a place where neighbors can feel connected over good food, and laughter. Being a neighborhood hub, it’s only right that our guests feel right at home. Celebrating innovative, shareable food and drink means appreciating all aspects of our community, from the friends sitting down for a bite to the vibrant kitchen gurus who give our food life.

The perfect Blend


Executive Chef Tanner Marino has created a menu of delicious variety that utilizes local ingredients whenever possible and takes inspiration from our Southern roots. Between gourmet flatbreads fresh from the stone hearth oven fit for a night out, artisan breakfast items and espresso drinks to start your day off right and snacks that are perfect for sharing with friends, there’s something for every occasion here at Village Kitchen. We source ingredients from local farms and producers as much as possible, which allows us to craft dishes that are sustainable, seasonal, and delicious. Our Chef lets the ingredients shine – because we know from experience that fresh is always best.