3 Zodiac Signs Have High Dating Standards


Leos are picky in the dating department. They are self-aware enough to appreciate compliments on their achievements. They will never, ever settle for less than what they need. They want to take a drive beneath the stars after receiving flowers and eating an expensive meal on you. As lovers, they deserve the finest love possible for themselves.


When it comes to romantic relationships, Virgos have exceptionally high expectations. They aren’t interested in getting drunk and getting booty calls at a seedy dive. They are looking for love and direction. They will not risk getting a table without a reservation if they don’t find out their date has already made one. They expect the best, and if they don’t get it, they’ll go somewhere else to get it.


Capricorns aren’t the dating type since they’d rather spend their time working or doing something they like at home. However, they have high standards for the dates they go on. They want to have a relaxing meal and interesting chat. They need assurances that they won’t be wasting their time and that going out will be worthwhile.

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